Our Mandarin Course

Our Mandarin course materials are carefully selected by the Centre’s senior teachers according to the different stages of students’ learning and development. Some tailored coursework materials are designed and prepared by the teachers themselves. We are committed to cultivating an interest in learning Mandarin and enhancing Chinese learning in a Mandarin-language environment. We promote learning through fun activities and always encourage students with positive reinforcement. This ensures that they can enjoy a relaxed and happy atmosphere in which to learn Mandarin.

Our Mandarin Class – Beginner Course (K1, K2, K3)

Focusing on a solid the Chinese foundation is our aim in K1, K2 and K3 classes. Theme books will be used as teaching materials with conversations, stories, songs and games. Recognizing words from easy to advanced and improving students’ reading ability are also vital for the children. Pinyin book are mainly used to enforce their pinyin foundation. Students have to do writing, dictation and exercises during their classes. Teachers will give different materials to students according to their needs and abilities

Our Mandarin Class – Primary School Course

In order to improve their Chinese, our primary school students will mainly focus on writing, reading comprehension, book reviews and reading idioms. By writing historical stories, the students have a chance to learn and understand Chinese culture and history. Parts of the teaching materials are edited by our center teachers. Assisting them to finish their school assessment and strengthening their exam skills are also part of our mission.

Chinese Dancing Course

Chinese Dance Course – Baby Dance Class

Our purpose is to stimulate an interest in dance and Mandarin through fun and vivid Chinese music.
Developing their sense of rhythm, physical fitness, body movements, being independence, following instructions and teamwork are important to toddlers (Age2-4).

Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Grading Examination

Through our training, most of our students take part in the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Grading Examination and gain top results every year. An international certificate of examination of artistic level will be distributed after the exam.

Drama Course

Students learn Putonghua in an interactive way through drama. It is also a platform for students to gain knowledge of Chinese history and culture.

About Us

The Chinese Language Arts & Culture Academy is an education institute with a team of professionals, adopting a modern teaching pedagogy. We specialize in teaching toddles, children, teenagers and adults in Mandarin, Chinese dance and drama.

The institute was founded by Ms. Chiu Fung in 2011 and she is devoted to nurturing children and youth, encouraging them to be inquisitive and reach their full potential. Through her professional and dedicated teaching approach, Ms. Chiu stimulates the children and develop their knowledge and experience through different training and learning techniques. Our students have been repeatedly successful, not only across various levels of external Mandarin and Chinese dance examinations, but also in speech competitions. Our performance levels have been affirmed and appreciated by both parents and the public. In September 2016, the Hong Kong Ming Pao Newspaper “2017/18 Strategy of Kindergarten Selection in Hong Kong” conducted an interview with us and we sincerely thank them for their recognition and praise of our teaching expertise.

Our Education Mission

To teach through engaging methods; to create comfortable and joyful learning environment; to cultivate children's interests in study and foster their confidence.

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