Mandarin Course

Our Mandarin course materials are carefully selected by the Centre’s senior teachers according to the different stages of students’ learning and development. Some tailored coursework materials are designed and prepared by the teachers themselves. We are committed to cultivating an interest in learning Mandarin and enhancing Chinese learning in a Mandarin-language environment. We promote learning through fun activities and always encourage students with positive reinforcement. This ensures that they can enjoy a relaxed and happy atmosphere in which to learn Mandarin.

Our teaching practice focuses on promoting the ability to speak, read and write in Mandarin which lays a solid foundation for the future development of Chinese learning and communication in Mandarin. We conduct regular tests and assessments to evaluate individual learning abilities and progress. The Center’s testing and evaluation results clearly show a significant improvement in our students’ spoken and written Chinese.

Our Education Mission

To teach through engaging methods; to create comfortable and joyful learning environment; to cultivate children's interests in study and foster their confidence.

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